An Update on

Current site status, expectations on new content and features.

Published on:April 20, 2022


As mentioned in the relevant news post, the site is now live! I wanted to give everyone an idea of what to expect as we move forward.

Content Updates

You may have noticed that much of the content is not currently available. This is due to the fact that the content was out of date for current versions of Rails and Ruby. I will be working on reworking this content and bringing it back online as the rework is completed. Paid content will be reworked and released as free content.

Moving forward, all new content should mostly be compatible with Rails 6 and 7, and some of it may still be relevant for Rails 5.

Speaking of new content, I have lots of new content planned, especially around Rails 7 specific features.

I will eventually publish new videos once I have a replacement Mac. For now I'm doing development on a PC.

Site Features

Here is what to expect in terms of site features.

  • The article colors on the articles page look funky due to the missing/hidden content. The colors are currently determined by a numeric id. Due to some of the content being missing/hidden, some of the colors are skipped, making things look weird. This will resolve itself in time.
  • The ads may be annoying. My apologies. I will work on improving them as we move forward. If something is truly busted, send me a tweet. Unfortunately, ads pay the bills. This site is not cheap to run. CDN costs, hosting costs, domain costs, etc. all add up. The ads pay for this, and maybe a couple coffees a month extra. That being said, I am always open for ways to fund the site. If you are a technology company that wants to advertise, please feel free to contact me. Paid content in the form of clearly marked inline advertisements is ideally what I'd like to see. I'm not necessarily looking to do sponsored content at this time unless it is useful to readers.
  • There are some bugs with the site to be worked out. It was ported over to Rails 7, so there will be kinks. The test suite was not functional, however I was able to find and catch most of the issues manually. I hope to have the test suite fixed soon, as that will prevent future issues.
  • The pro membership is gone, possibly for good. That being said, I may roll out a paid offering in the future, but it will be limited to ad removal as well as a few other perks. As mentioned above, all paid content will become free for anyone to read. I may also look at other ways that users can contribute financially, such as tips, etc.
  • Site comments will eventually make their return, likely after I can rebuild the content. Old comments will NOT be available as I did not preserve user data. This was intentional. Site comments are temporarily disabled due to the fact I'm working on moderator tools and improving the responsive design.
  • There will be new site features added, including some rather unique ones, so please make sure to check back on a regular basis.

Final Thoughts

It's great to finally have the site back online. Many of you were super generous and helped out my family when times were bad. Bringing this site back online is one way I can show how grateful I am. I love this community and I'm happy to be back. Thanks for reading!