There are many useful lesser known rails generate commands. I've listed some of them below for your reference.

# Creates a model and controller, then adds a resource route to your routes.rb file.
rails g resource <attribute>:<type>  <attribute>:<type> 

# Just like rails g scaffold, but doesn't create the model.
rails g scaffold_controller <name>

# Creates a coffeescript/javascript and corresponding (s)css file.
rails g assets <name>

# Creates a jbuilder file
rails g jbuilder <name> <field>:<type> <field>:<type>

# Creates a custom helper.
rails g helper <name>

# Allows you to create your own custom generates to be used with rails generate.
rails g generator <name> 

# Creates a rake task.
rails g <namespace> <task_name> <task_name>
For a complete list of all generate commands, simply run rails g or rails generate from within a project.