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RichOnRails News - July 6th, 2017

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Important Announcement - April 18, 2017

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Please read this important announcement.

On April 1st, 2017, while travelling out of state, I was admitted to the hospital for emergency gallbladder surgery. This (usually simple) surgery suffered multiple complications, some of which nearly killed me. As a result, to this day I remain hospitalized. As soon as I am discharged I will provide full refunds for all pro users for the length of time I was hospitalized, even if you have already cancelled. I expect this to happen within the next 1-2 weeks with any luck. If you need to stop all charges right away, don't forget you can cancel your subscription at:

New Series Tomorrow and More - RichOnRails News - February 12th, 2016

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A new series is coming tomorrow and more! News - February 12th, 2017

It's been a bit quiet, but a LOT is going on behind the scenes. Here is what's going on at

  1. A new series, Building an API launches tomorrow night at 11pm CST. This new series will be free for everyone, but pro members get early access. We will cover building an API from the ground up, including writing tests and implementing requirements. New articles will be released twice a week. Monday nights and Thursday nights.
  2. Work on refactoring the eCommerce series is continuing. I hope to have it done very soon.
  3. A new series on building an AngularJS app from the ground up is coming soon as well. We will cover everything you need to create your own AngularJS 1.x app.
  4. Many site enhancements are almost completed. The ability to change your payment method, resubscribe before your pro membership benefits end, and much more. Also, the community forum will launch soon as a tool to give you guys feedback. News for January 6th, 2017

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New Look! eCommerce Series getting a revamp! More series coming soon! Take a peak to learn more!

New Look! New Features!

We are under construction! Pardon the mess. is getting an overhaul top to bottom. A new look along with several new features. As mentioned in previous posts, several new features are coming your way:

  • Entirely new look and feel
  • New Community Forum
  • More login options
  • Offline content support for pro members
  • Many more things that will be announced soon!

The eCommerce Series is Getting a Revamp

When I first started the eCommerce series I wanted to do a proper series that focused on proper Behavioral Driven Development. Unfortunately, I had a very small number of users complain (rightfully so) about the speed in which the new articles in the series were released. I listen to everyone, even if it may not be apparent. In an effort to keep everyone happy, I attempted to speed things up as best as I could. I feel that quality has suffered as a result. The series moved away from BDD and several mistakes were made.

Subscribes get FREE month, Amazon issues resolved, and more.

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What's going on at

News for December 5th, 2016

Amazon Issues Resolved

Hi Everyone, I'm happy to report that, thanks to a higher up at Amazon, I was able to get the Amazon issues resolved. New content should resume tomorrow night and no migration will be needed, though I am still looking at other hosting options.

Subscribers Get a Free Month

All current (not past due), active (meaning you haven't cancelled) subscribers as of Thursday, 12/8/2016 will receive a FREE month of pro as a way of saying thank you for all your support. wishes you Happy Holidays!

Free Content

It's been a while, but expect a few new articles as well as some revised content this month.

Paid Content Going Forward

Initially I got into a big rush to finish the eCommerce From Scratch series for pro users. I will go into details later via a postmortem article, but suffice to say it caused a number of issues with content scheduling and quality. It also put a huge drain on my enthusiasm to work on the site.

Server Downtime and Content Delays

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Don't use Amazon AWS.

Anyone who has been with us a while knows that this site has been hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) since day 1 of it's existence. I've never had too much of a issue with Amazon except for the occasional outage. However I've never had to deal with their apparently awful support. As some of you may remember reading, I've been locked out of my AWS account for more than two weeks. I still have yet to get this resolved. Amazon asked me to provide additional documentation and I have done so They've since stated that the documentation isn't good enough (despite the signed and notarized affidavit along with a copy of my drivers license containing my billing address and THREE (!) utility bills showing both my current and former addresses. Note that here in the US you can get a passport, drivers license, or replacement social security card with less documentation) This has caused great harm to this site.