A couple quick notes regarding our tutorials

A couple quick notes regarding our tutorials

 Published October 12, 2012
 Last updated January 3, 2017

While you are reading, please be aware of the following items.

First, We put all of our tutorial example code on github. Each article should have a link to the example app. There is a link to the source code as well as a download available as a 7-zip file. 7-zip is a free utility that can be downloaded from 7-zip.org.

Second, the site is currently in beta. This means that there aren't many tutorials, and the tutorials that exist may have bugs. We strive to be bug free and each tutorial we go through and build the example app. If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to utilize the user feedback tab on the right side of the screen.

Third, all of our example apps use the seed-fu gem. In order to populate the database you must first run a rake db:migrate and then run a rake db:seed_fu.

Finally, thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy RichOnRails.com. Our goal is to become the best resource for Ruby on Rails developers anywhere!.


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