Introducing Snippets

Introducing Snippets

 Published November 19, 2013
 Last updated January 3, 2017

Today we are introducing a new feature called snippets. Snippets are short articles that describe how to do something. Snippets aren't full blown articles in and of themselves. Below is a list of the various types of posts that we make our site.

  • Articles:  Articles will generally walk you through a concept. Articles typically have project examples that you can download and play around with.
  • Blog Posts:  Blog posts simply provide news about the site including updates, bug fixes, and scheduled downtime.
  • Snippets:  Snippets are short little posts that provide reminders of how to do different things, for example, renaming a database column or changing email server settings.

The current blog posts related to Ruby on Rails have been moved to snippets. It is our goal to enhance snippet functionality in the future, including sorting, filtering, etc.

We hope you enjoy, Thanks for reading!


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