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 Published November 6, 2016
 Last updated January 3, 2017

Hello everyone! Here is what to expect going forward with regard to new articles/content.

  • Every Monday, expect to see a premium article for pro users.
  • Every Wednesday, expect to see a new free article. However, due to pro users having early access, the free article will actually not be available until the following week. For example, the free article that will be released this Wednesday won't be available for non-pro users until next Wednesday.

All articles will be released at around 11:00pm CST. Holidays may or may not affect this schedule, as I do try to write these articles in advance. Currently there is no buffer (articles are released when they are done), but I hope to build up at least a 2-3 week buffer. This was a particular problem when a combination of events lead to the eCommerce series being late.

In addition to the above schedule, I may occasionally do bonus content on Friday as time permits. The bonus content may come in the form of articles, or YouTube videos on our YouTube channel.

For pro users, this is what to expect over the new few weeks.

  • Part 5 of our eCommerce series, due out on October 31st, 2016 will focus on adding images to our products, building out the product information page, and adding authentication. Due to Halloween (I have to take my kids trick-or-treating!) this MAY slip a day, but the goal is to get it out on Monday. After that, we should be on a regular schedule.
  • Part 6 of our eCommerce Series will be released on November 7th, 2016 and will be about building the shopping cart.
  • Part 7 of our eCommerce series will be about building out the checkout process and add missing functionality to the home page.
  • Part 8 of our eCommerce series will be about building out the admin portal and wrapping things up

Note that an article buffer does not yet exist. I had one in the past, but it dwindled away. I hope to build this buffer back up over the next couple weeks.

What will come after the eCommerce series? There will be some single article eCommerce enhancements and we will also start on another unrelated series.

The number of premium users that have signed up at this point has been overwhelming. Thanks for your support guys! For everyone else, it's only $5/mo so feel free to hop on over to and sign up! There will be many more benefits in the future as the subscriber base grows, so make sure you are signed up! Thanks for reading!


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