News for January 6th, 2017 News for January 6th, 2017

 Published January 6, 2017
 Last updated January 6, 2017

New Look! New Features!

We are under construction! Pardon the mess. is getting an overhaul top to bottom. A new look along with several new features. As mentioned in previous posts, several new features are coming your way:

  • Entirely new look and feel
  • New Community Forum
  • More login options
  • Offline content support for pro members
  • Many more things that will be announced soon!

The eCommerce Series is Getting a Revamp

When I first started the eCommerce series I wanted to do a proper series that focused on proper Behavioral Driven Development. Unfortunately, I had a very small number of users complain (rightfully so) about the speed in which the new articles in the series were released. I listen to everyone, even if it may not be apparent. In an effort to keep everyone happy, I attempted to speed things up as best as I could. I feel that quality has suffered as a result. The series moved away from BDD and several mistakes were made. Well, it's time to remedy that! After the completion of the series, which will happen this month, the entire thing will be revamped into smaller, more BDD oriented articles. Several mistakes in the series will be fixed and sample projects will be available for every section. I will have more news about this (especially for current/past pro members) coming soon.

Four New Series!

A total of four new series are in the works. More details will be announced soon, but there is some love for both free and paid members coming your way!

We Are On Social Media!

Be sure to follow us on on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. We are a bit late to the social media game, but aim to make up for it by having free giveaways in the near future! Be sure you follow us so you don't miss out!


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