Server Downtime and Content Delays

Server Downtime and Content Delays

 Published December 1, 2016
 Last updated January 3, 2017

Anyone who has been with us a while knows that this site has been hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) since day 1 of it's existence. I've never had too much of a issue with Amazon except for the occasional outage. However I've never had to deal with their apparently awful support. As some of you may remember reading, I've been locked out of my AWS account for more than two weeks. I still have yet to get this resolved. Amazon asked me to provide additional documentation and I have done so They've since stated that the documentation isn't good enough (despite the signed and notarized affidavit along with a copy of my drivers license containing my billing address and THREE (!) utility bills showing both my current and former addresses. Note that here in the US you can get a passport, drivers license, or replacement social security card with less documentation) This has caused great harm to this site. Among other things:

  1. Example Projects, Screenshots, and other items can't be uploaded. This has caused my last two eCommerce articles to be delayed. I finally released the shopping cart article without all the extras (instead linking to older mockups). The current eCommerce article needs to reference mock-ups and other items. I haven't been able to push it up due to not having S3 access.
  2. The site is in danger of getting shut down in around a week due to non-payment.
  3. Clients that I personally host will also be shut down unless something is done.

Due to Amazon support apparently not caring about smaller accounts, I have decided it's time to switch to another provider. Starting immediately:

  1. This site is switching to Microsoft Azure for hosting. I've heard good things about them lately. I may not stay with Azure, but I figure I will at least try them out.
  2. Due to the first item, site access will be sporadic and additional content will be even further delayed, as now nearly all of my free time will be spent getting things moved over.
  3. Should the delays be excessive, active premium users WILL receive a decent size credit. I haven't decided on how much yet, but it will be far greater than the downtime.
  4. Once the migration is completed, I'll be able to continue releasing articles and updating existing ones. The top priority for me right now is to get the eCommerce series back on track. This issue has delayed at least 3 premium articles and 2 free articles so far.
  5. It's not just that has to get moved. I host a couple other clients that need to get moved over as well.
  6. I plan on working with several other clients that host on AWS to migrate away to other providers in the coming months.

To end things on a good note, the long unused @RichIsOnRails twitter account is going to come to life! Feel free to follow or send a tweet my way!


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