Site Updates

Site Updates

 Published July 1, 2018
 Last updated July 1, 2018

Site Updates

During the next several days I will be working on the site. You won't see new articles, but there are some things that need to be fixed and some new features that need to be added. During this time, and temporarily going forward, the ability to start a new pro subscription will be suspended while I upgrade to the latest version of stripe. Users that wish to cancel their subscriptions will still be able to do so at The new features that are being added will allow the site to be more user friendly and allow readers to more easily find the content they need.

In the future, articles will be split into two categories, Courses and Articles. Courses will contain complete 'build your own project' type of articles. Articles will be as short and as to the point as possible, for instance providing information on a gem or an explanation on a particular part of Ruby.

Once these changes are complete, I then plan to turn my focus to finish revamping the eCommerce course, and I have several courses, both for free readers and pro readers, planned.

That's it for now, thanks for reading!


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