Subscribes get FREE month, Amazon issues resolved, and more.

Subscribes get FREE month, Amazon issues resolved, and more.

 Published December 5, 2016
 Last updated January 3, 2017

News for December 5th, 2016

Amazon Issues Resolved

Hi Everyone, I'm happy to report that, thanks to a higher up at Amazon, I was able to get the Amazon issues resolved. New content should resume tomorrow night and no migration will be needed, though I am still looking at other hosting options.

Subscribers Get a Free Month

All current (not past due), active (meaning you haven't cancelled) subscribers as of Thursday, 12/8/2016 will receive a FREE month of pro as a way of saying thank you for all your support. wishes you Happy Holidays!

Free Content

It's been a while, but expect a few new articles as well as some revised content this month.

Paid Content Going Forward

Initially I got into a big rush to finish the eCommerce From Scratch series for pro users. I will go into details later via a postmortem article, but suffice to say it caused a number of issues with content scheduling and quality. It also put a huge drain on my enthusiasm to work on the site. Going forward, we will still have pro articles, however, things will change a bit. First, articles will be much smaller and much more readable. More time will be spent on making these articles the best they can be. An example is eCommerce From Scratch Part 6. That article should have been split into 2-3 smaller articles, each focusing on a specific point of implementation. Starting with eCommerce From Scratch Part 7, we will follow this model.

Does this mean that the eCommerce series will take a longer period of time to finish up? Not necessarily. The series will get pushed back into January. However, the way things were going, that was going to happen anyway.

Also regarding the eCommerce From Scratch series, expect a big announcement in the future.

Comments Section

The comments section was recently changed to allow anonymous input. To my surprise, many people that visit either don't have a Github account or don't want to sign into this site using their GitHub account. Some comments were received and some spam was received. In general things went alright. However, we've decided to make some changes to the comments section once more to bring commenting back up to the levels that existed when we used Disqus.

  1. Github, Google, and Facebook logins will be added. The login buttons will be visible right in the comments section so that you may easily log in.
  2. We will also have a link to our privacy policy. In general, we don't share your information with anyone, but this site does serve ads (advertisers do NOT have access to your email address or login info). A valid email address is requested from each provider in order to enable future site functionality.
  3. As mentioned in a previous post, users will soon begin receiving emails when someone replies to their comment. I have some CAN-SPAM compliance issues to deal with before I enable the functionality, but it should come soon. You will have a mechanism to easily opt out if you don't want us emailing you.
  4. Anonymous commenting will be disabled. This is simply to get users to log in when they comment so that they can see when people reply.


I'm pushing the newsletter back a bit to January.

RichOnRails 5 Year Anniversary

In October of 2012 launched with 4 articles. This site went on to grow faster than I ever thought possible. Next year, expect a countdown to 5 years celebration. There will be giveaways. There will be surprises. There will also be a HUGE push towards tripling the amount of content. Stay tuned for more details.


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Posted almost 2 years ago

Note that due to me not having access to my Mac or PC, The free trial credit will be given tomorrow evening.