Upcoming Features, Holiday Schedule, and eCommerce Part 7.

Upcoming Features, Holiday Schedule, and eCommerce Part 7.

 Published November 28, 2016
 Last updated January 3, 2017

An Apology

The eCommerce Part 6 article took twice as long as I had hoped it would take. My apologies for that. There were a number of issues that contributed to this delay. The good news is that this article is twice as long and I tried to explain in detail everything that was going on. If you are one of those premium users that subscribed for that, please leave feedback. Was there too much detail? Too little? When this series concludes in December, I hope to refactor and improve the series. I will also not be releasing future series until they are completed in their entirety, thereby ensuring maximum quality.


This week is a holiday week (Thanksgiving) here in the US. I hope to push out eCommerce Part 7 by Wednesday of this week. We had a death in the family (a pet, not a person), so that has pushed the date a bit. There is also holiday shopping and stuff that has to be done, so I'm targeting Wednesday night as a result. Free articles will resume next week. Yes I am aware a free article did not make it out last week, however that was due to ongoing work of eCommerce Part 6. A number of subscribers were waiting for that article and I very much wanted to get it out. I hope to have everything back to normal next week.

New Features

A number of new features are coming soon to RichOnRails.com!

  1. Pro User Receipts - I had a few people request receipts be sent out via email. This was enabled last Sunday and users should already be receiving them. If you don't receive a receipt please let me know. They currently come from stripe. In the future I will have an in house solution in the future that will allow you to manage your subscription and print past invoices.
  2. Organization Management - I've had a few requests from managers at companies that would like to be able to manage employee subscriptions easily. I will be implementing this soon.
  3. Emails for Replies To Comments - Starting sometime this week, you will start receiving an email when a user replies to comments that you've made. Any user who has participated in the conversation will also receive a comment. To unsubscribe from the conversation, simply click the appropriate link that will be included in the email. You can also visit the NEW user settings page to turn off emails altogether. To unsubscribe from ALL emails from RichOnRails.com you can click the unsubscribe from all communications at the bottom of the email, but be aware you will miss out on the newsletter!
  4. Articles - Articles on this site will be undergoing a face lift in the future. Articles will soon have multiple pages for easier reading. You will still have an option to easily view everything on one page if you desire this, and there will be an option in the upcoming user settings control panel that will allow you to control this as a default. Old articles will be getting both a Rails 5 face-lift as well as more detail.
  5. Newsletter - The newsletter will be launching soon. I had initially held off until I reached a decent number of subscribers. Users will also receive the initial newsletter, but they can click the unsubscribe link to opt out. The newsletter should launch December and will be a monthly occurrence.
  6. Forum - I have plans to launch a forum for users to collaborate. I was a bit hesitant to do this originally. This site gets plenty of traffic and readers, but relatively few people actually comment. I have decided I will go ahead and put something up and we will see how it goes. The forum launch will be timed to launch with the newsletter.

A Big Thanks To Pro Subscribers And All Of Our Readers

This site isn't run by some large corporation. It's run by an individual. It's monthly expenses are paid for out of pocket. Ad revenue helps with this, but it's the pro subscribers who keep this site in operation. From the domain name to the cloud based server architecture, these users have been a big help keeping things going. Revenue from subscribers has allowed me to utilize Cloudflare to provide speed improvements to users around the globe. Expect this to work even better in the future as I further optimize the site for Cloudflare. As such, I want to thank all of the pro subscribers for your support Your ongoing support will help to bring a lot of new and engaging content to RichOnRails.com. If you aren't a pro subscriber yet, you can easily become one by simply visiting https://richonrails.com/pro.

Also, a big thanks to all of our readers!. Without you this site wouldn't exist.


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