What Happened to RichOnRails.com?

RichOnRails.com Is Temporarily Offline. Please read below.

In April of 2017 I was travelling out of state. I needed emergency gallbladder surgery. During the surgery, my small intestine was punctured, and it went unnoticed by the hospital. I went into septic shock and nearly died. Upon returning home, I endured a difficult, but temporary recovery, but my health gradually began taking a turn for the worse. I tried to continue working on the site, but my health continued to deteriorate. I lost my job, which launched me into a deep depression. I developed a severe anxiety disorder with panic attacks. My cognitive abilities deteriorated. I was even in a car accident thanks to my deteriorating health. There are more details that I can't share here at the moment, but needless to say, I applied for disability. I still have not received it. I no longer have the funds to keep the site up as much as I wish I could. Furthormore, my family no longer has the funds to make basic ends meet. As a result, I am making the difficult decision to temporarily take down the site until finances have been stabilized. Once finances have been stabilized, the site will be put back up in archived form as the site still generates quite a bit of traffic, so I know people find some use of it. I will be working hard at recovering from my ailments during this time. If I am able to successfully do so, I will be able to return to work on the site.

If you are interested in helping my family and I out during this extremely difficult time, a link to our gofundme is below. The funds will be used to pay rent and pay for basic necessities like clothing, doctors appointments, and other neededd things. My goal is to find an inpatient facility that can help me recover from everything that has happened. Any additional money will be used for that purpose and to carry us along until disability comes in.

Finally, I appreciate all the readership and support throughout the years. You guys have been great. I wish you all a happy journey, and I hope you go on to have a successful career.

GoFundMe Link: Help Support My Family During This Difficult Time. Please feel free to share this on social media wherever you deem appropriate.

I wish you all the best, Richard Campbell

P.S. All subscriptions should be cancelled. If you are still getting billed, please email me at rich@richonrails.com and I will look into it. Also, I will also work to provide regular updates as to my recovery progress.

Updated June 24th, 2019 at 11:40pm.