Multiple where conditions is easy using Active Record. First, lets take a look at multiple conditions joined by and.

Multiple Conditions using AND:

Person.where("first_name = ? AND last_name = ?", first_name, last_name)

In the example, first_name and last_name are variables containing the first and last name you wish to search for. Note that in this situation, we can also use LIKE or ILIKE:

Multiple Conditions using AND along with LIKE:

Person.where("first_name LIKE '%?%' AND last_name = '%?%'", first_name, last_name)

The code above will do a wildcard search based on first/last name. This works on MySQL, PostgreSQL, and most other database engines, though you should use ILIKE for PostgreSQL. Similarly, you can do an OR clause:

Multiple Conditions using AND:

Person.where("first_name LIKE '%?%' OR last_name LIKE '%?%'", search_term, search_term)

In the example above, we used the same variable for both where conditions, though you don't need to do that.

That's it, thanks for reading!